Brits hit the Stash Gathering

After a sunny week riding park and the girls finding their feet we were all set to enter the Stash Gathering competition up at Northstar on Saturday.

The Stash is a really fun and innovative run full of jibs, logs, tree runs and road gaps all built out of wood. The comp was based around 3 zones, each being a step up from the last.  Riders were judged on style, creativity and line choice.

The first hours jam session got underway with the line consisting of an up-down log, to kicker, to log stall.  Hiking back up after each run was pretty tiring!

The next zone was in Shredwood forest!  Here we had a rock bonk followed by a wooden pole jam to road gap to play with. We all started stepping it up with front 3’s and cab 1 taps over the bonk and back 1’s, front 1’s and back 3’s all being thrown off the end of the pole jam as well as a few fairly spectacular stacks!

The final zone was the Craig Kelly memorial cabin which had a combination of lines you could get really creative with.  There were various options to take over the cabin roof itself or you could ride the hand rail of the stairs to the side.

We all made it to the finals and it turned into a battle of the brits.  By this point we were all pretty beat up from hiking for hours but we pulled some tricks for the finale with Kirsty Taylor busting out some huge gaps over the cabin and some sick stalls on the top from Charli Witts and Kirsty Smith.  Katie Blundell was throwing herself into sick front boards on the down rail taking some gnarly tumbles down the stairs and Lynsey Ashdown stomped blunt to fakies and 5-0 front 1’s out of the down rail.

The end result was a clean sweep for the Heel Edge crew with Lynsey Ashdown taking 1st, Katie Blundell 2nd and Kirsty Taylor 3rd.  Not sure we made too many mates out of the American chicks though – showing up to a comp on their turf and taking a clean sweep!

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