The American Legion Rail Jam

Yesterday we all went on a road trip down to South Lake Tahoe to check out a rail jam happening in a car park at the American Legion.  Had no idea what to expect or what the level was going to be like but worse case it’d be an adventure!!

Got there way too early, it wasn’t even set up yet so we went and rode heavenly for a few hours while we waited. First visit there and we were all pretty impressed – the park was awesome and we managed to get a few pow turns after a good few inches overnight! You get an amazing view of the whole of Lake Tahoe all the way down the home run as well which is sick!

With the legs warmed up those of us competing headed back to the American Legion for the rail jam while Charli and Kirsty T carried on putting lines through the trees of Heavnly. The rail jam was scheduled to start at 2pm, turns out the americans aren’t too hot when it comes to time keeping and the over 18’s category didn’t start kicking off till 5.30! Good job we had Taco Bell to fill the time!!

Katie, Lynsey, Kirsty S and Soph all entered the comp and the rest of the girls supported from the side lines and took photos and did some filming! It was a scaffold setup with 3 hit options of a down box, a flat down rail or a strange off angle down box. Practice got underway we all attempted the flat down first hit, only to stop dead over the kink, fall off the side and bail down the stairs!! Everyone was struggling with speed so they got a couple of blokes to stand at the top doing pull-ins which helped! The comp wasn’t really a jam – you all had 3 runs and were judged on each run with the scores added together which meant trying to stick 3 different tricks well rather than going all out for the one crazy trick!

The girls all rode awesome against the American chicks, it was a much higher standard than rail jams we’re used to in the UK and we finished up with Lynsey Ashdown taking 3rd and Kirsty Smith taking 4th, an awesome result for our first comp out here.

Stoked on us being there the organisers gave us tickets to the after party in the American Legion – so we checked out how the americans like to do it! After hanging around for what seemed like hours waiting for it to kick off, the party didn’t disappoint and there was some amazing local hip hop bands cranking out. Met some interesting characters – Gandolph, Bryan and the trailer crew to mention a few, needless to say the americans know how to do an after party………

Gandolf: Shall I plait my beard in one plait or two?

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